• Significant savings over traditional payroll expenses (up 30% or more)
  • Greater control over the size of your workforce with an improved ability to scale up or down, as needed
  • A customized expert workforce to leverage as you see fit; no additional time or money spent on training and developing talent
  • Once the terms of the contract agreement are satisfied, there are no hard feelings or expectations when parting ways with the employee
  • There are typically fewer laws and restrictions associated with contractors at the federal and state levels (such as, minimum wage, overtime, sick leave, etc.)

Contract Placement Services

Organizations around the globe are increasingly leveraging contract placement services as a means of meeting their business objectives. Contract labor allows a company to quickly respond to rising talent demands, the staffing of large projects, and important strategic initiatives. Leveraging contract labor provides the ability to add the depth and breadth of new skills and expertise to their teams to help improve execution and accelerate growth.

In a post-COVID employment market, organizations are increasingly harnessing the talents of contract employees to augment their workforce. AG Foundry is currently helping many companies in augmenting their staff with contract placement. We would like the opportunity to do the same for you.