• Flexibility in trying before you hire permanently for employers
  • Flexibility in determining whether the role and company are a good fit for the employee
  • Permanent placement option when you are ready
    Offers ease of the transition for both employer and employee

Contract-to-Hire Placement Services

Contract-to-hire work arrangements are typically short-term engagements that allow both employer and employee an opportunity to try out a role or position before committing to full-time employment. Some staffing firms and employers refer to these arrangements as “temp to hire.”

AG Foundry recommends this approach in situations where the client is new to using staffing firms or simply needs flexibility. The agreement typically sets the initial duration that the employee will be employed as a contractor by the employer, essentially establishing a “trial period.” At the end of this period, the employer determines whether the contractor is a good fit for the role, is performing at the expected level, and ultimately whether to hire them as a full-time employee.